A few words from Sharlene...

“Kind Hands” The name of the centre comes from my own son he didn’t fit inside the “norm” and when he started at kindergarten he had a teacher aid called “Lindy”.  The thing that stood out about Lindy is that she really liked our son and to me that was really special.  Lindy used to tell our son remember to use your “kind hands” and the way she said it was so gentle but she reminded him at every opportunity to use his “kind hands”.  

When our son was 4 years old we left Auckland to come back to Whangarei to be closer to family.  On leaving his kindy to move to Northland Lindy gave him a beautiful book with a photo just inside the front cover of her with him both huge smiles with a lovely message which included “Thank you for always remembering to use your kind hands” 
This experience as a parent has never left me and 10 years on we still have that book with that beautiful message.


Kind hands comes from the heart and it reminds me all the time that a bit of kindness goes a long way to making someone else feel good.  Our commitment to this centre is just that- making every families journey be the best that it can be!- Sharlene Clements

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