What is Kind Hands Charitable Trust?

The Kind Hands Charitable Trust was set up to run alongside Kind Hands, to help support families financially. This could be for families who may have run out of funding, have special circumstances or who may require assistance with fees for both respite and ECE. The charitable trust also assists Kind Hands with obtaining specialist equipment and resources to better support our children.  

The trust, while running alongside Kind Hands has been set up independently by a board of trustees. These trustees are responsible for all applications and decisions. 

How to apply to Kind Hands Charitable Trust

Please download this application form and complete. Send the completed form to:

Kind Hands Charitable Trust
19 Morningside Rd,
Whangarei, 0110

Or email to: info@kindhands.co.nz

Application Form

Trust Criteria

For any further information:




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19 Morningside Rd, Whangarei

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